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Congratulations on installing the South China Morning Post browser extension! You've just gained access to an unrivaled news browsing experience, designed to keep you informed and engaged with the latest news from China, Asia, and beyond.

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Our browser extension offers an array of categories for you to choose from, including: Home, China, Asia, World, Hong Kong, Business, Tech, Life, Culture, Sport. By selecting your favorite categories, you can create a personalized news feed tailored to your interests, ensuring you never miss out on the trends and global insights that matter most to you.

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To start enjoying your personalized news browsing experience, simply click on the South China Morning Post browser extension icon located in your browser's toolbar. Choose your preferred categories, and immerse yourself in a world of easy-to-access news that keeps you informed and engaged.

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This extension serves as a user-friendly way to display links to external content, but the developer does not own the content these links direct to.

In order to keep the extension financially sustainable, non-intrusive, relevant advertisements may be displayed within the extension. Your reading experience remains our top priority, and any advertisements are tactfully placed at the end of the news list in the extension's pop-up window. They will never appear on the webpages you visit or in your search results.

Enhance your news browsing experience and stay updated with the latest news using the South China Morning Post browser extension. Dive into a world of personalized, readily available news that keeps you informed and engaged with the world around you.

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